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Shires Wessex Fleece Rug

Shires Wessex Fleece Rug

Sweating is one way a horse cools but damp rugs can become cold in cooler weather so potentially dropping the body temperature too quickly. The Shires Wessex Fleece Rug has excellent wicking properties keeping the horse warm and comfortable by drawing moisture away to the outside of the rug where it evaporates.

A breathable, smart fleece rug featuring two colour binding. Ideal for travelling, at shows, after bathing and exercise, or in the stable. Touch close breast strap, adjustable cross surcingles and a fillet string. Machine washable.

Shires Equestrian Catalogue Code : 9343 Wessex Fleece Rug

Colours: Navy/White/Burgundy

Sizes: 4' - 7' 3"

Barnstormers' Price : 23.99

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