Horse First My Muscle Supplement


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“Athletic care muscle supplement”

My Muscle contains high levels of the antioxidant vitamins E and C which protect and preserve the integrity of cell membranes thus reducing tissue damage during exercise, training and competition. Vitamins E and C will protect muscle tissue by eliminating free radicals, the damaging by-products which attack membranes and cells causing tissue damage.

My Muscle enhances muscle metabolism, protects the immune system and effectively cleanses muscle toxins after performance. It is meant for use before and after competition.

Feeding My Muscle helps to:
• relieve the effects of lactic acid build up in horses that are in rigorous training
• ease muscle fatigue
• improve muscular health
• ensure a horse reaches its maximum performance potential
• Deficiency of Vitamins E and C in the muscle tissue increases the risk of exercise induced muscle damage. The horse may show signs of muscle stiffness and soreness and may have poor immunity to diseases (recurrent cold and cough).

My Muscle should be given twice daily, four days before competing. On the morning of the competition or race give two scoops. Give two scoops daily over the following four days of the recovery period.

One scoop daily should be given to horses in continuous work.

Size : 750g