Horseware Horsepal Sensor


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Horsepal is a revolutionary piece of technology designed by Horseware to improve your horse’s comfort and health. This app works with a small sensor that sits underneath your horse’s rug, continuously monitoring temperature & humidity, allowing you to track your horse’s comfort levels and rug your horse appropriately. Your sensor will sync seamlessly with your Horsepal mobile app, letting you download and store data on your horse on your phone. 

Once you're within 30 feet of the sensor, you can use the Horsepal mobile app to connect to the sensor via bluetooth and download all the data the sensor has collected. You'll be able to access lots of information through the app, but you'll see even more if you log into the Horsepal website from your desktop. 

• Download the app to your phone
• Add unlimited yards and horses. 
• Add additional users, to monitor your horse when you’re away. 
• Record appointments, such as visits from the vet or farrier. 
• Keep a record of your horse’s breeding, passport details, and any other information you want to track.
• Get weather updates

What's in the Pack : Sensor, Back of Sensor, Battery, Keyring, Button, Lanyard, Pouch, QR Code, Adhesive Patch, & Pocket